2016 Holiday Ordering Deadline

2016 Holiday Ordering Deadline

November 01, 2016

We know you want to get your friends and family all the things.We want to make sure you're THAT person. You know, the one whose left explaining why their gifts aren't under the tree? It's awkward.

Not ordering on time causes so much heartache, and we want to help you prevent those broken little Christmas hearts of the empty handed. 

Plus, we hate sad customers. We'll be releasing our holiday collections soon and we wanted to let you know what our holiday ordering deadlines are - we can make sure everyone's happy on that fateful morning.


Dec. 8 –  USPS First Class Mail
Dec. 9 –  2 day priority


Nov. 30 – USPS First Class Mail
Dec. 5 – Int’l Priority


Nov. 29 – USPS

Europe / Asia / Pacific Rim / Australia / New Zealand / Caribbean

Nov. 18 – Int’l Economy
Nov. 28 – Int’l Priority

Africa / Central & South America / Middle East

Nov. 9 – Int’l Economy
Nov. 15 – Int’l Priority

Don't be empty handed for the Holidays mortals!

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