A Quick Update About the Elephant in the Room (AKA Our Current Shipping Times and Stock Levels)

A Quick Update About the Elephant in the Room (AKA Our Current Shipping Times and Stock Levels)

February 15, 2017

Hi Mortals!

The time has come when I can no longer hold off discussing the elephant in the room which is our current shipping times and stock levels. We were very used to having items shipped out within a week and it's becoming more and more obvious that that isn't consistently happening at this point. We also have an awful lot out of stock right now, which is very much not like us.

So here's the scoop, we use four different printers at this point, one of which is our primary clothing printer which we vended and stocked a majority of our shirts from. It's no secret that we try our best to use American products and businesses whenever possible, so we've used primarily American Apparel since our opening in August. For any of you who may not know, American Apparel recently went out of business. The good news is they were sold at auction to Canadian company Gildan, the bad news, the factory where our shirts were manufactured in L.A. has been shut down leaving our printers scrambling to scrounge up the last of the American Apparel where ever possible. Unfortunately, that supply is finally dwindling, sooner than we thought it would.

We stuck it out this long, because we were really unsure if stock would run completely out before our most loved styles went out of stock. It looked promising according to our printer, so we held on to not letting go of shirts made with liberty and the softest cotton you've ever felt. 

We recently added some nice women's tops through a small female run business which is an up and comer. We love to support them! With the size of their business, they aren't always able to ship as fast as we were used to. But they're shirt styles are amazing and their print work is spot on, and hey small lady run businesses gotta support small lady run businesses. 

And, as much as we love American Apparel products, we are currently in the testing phase of new and different products. During this phase, your favorite shirt styles may be out of stock, or you may receive an email from us that we cannot fulfill certain orders. I hope to have a raglan replacement plan by the end of the month. 

But replacement isn't easy, it's a lot of digital work in the background and we may not have all replacements listed as soon as we want. Also BUT...if you want something and it's out of stock, reach out! Use the little messenger button and I will get back to you ASAP and we can try and come up with an adequate replacement that I will put at the top of my list to design. 

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Tell us in the comments!

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